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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Year 6 (Key Stage 2)

Introduction to Year 6 (Key Stage 2)

Children in Year 6 are usually aged ten and eleven years old.  They follow a curriculum which reviews all the main areas of study during their time in Key stage 2. The children are encouraged to work with a higher degree of independence in preparation for their transfer to the Secondary School at the end of the year.  We expect our Year 6 children to be role models for younger children and to be fully active in all areas of school life.

These are a sample of the type of the Literacy and Science topics covered in Year 6.

Year 6 Literacy




Journalistic Writing

Informal and formal letters

Comparing Poems


Greek Myths and Legends

PLUG any perceived gaps

Year 6


Plants and animals and their habitats.



Changing State

Micro-organisms and Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Forces in action

Changing circuits