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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Year 5 (Key Stage 2)

Children in Year 5 are usually aged nine and ten years old.  They follow a curriculum which contains increasingly complex problem-solving activities. Students are encouraged to begin to edit, self evaluate and improve their ​own work independently and with peer partners before collaborating with the teacher. Further detail can be viewed in the Medium Term planning.

Here is a sample of the type of the Literacy and Science topics covered in Year 5.

  • Narrative Writing
  • Persuasive Writing/Letters
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Film Narrative
  • Report Writing
  • Poet Study (E.g. Benjamin Zepharia)
  • Older Literature such as The Wind In the Willow
  • Earth Sun and Moon
  • Keeping Health
  • Gases Around Us
  • Life Cycles
  • Changing Sounds