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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon


Firstly thanks for taking the time to learn about Myanmar International School Yangon and The Learning Centre@MISY.

The Learning Centre@MISY is focused on delivering an individualized, student centered approach to education for those learners who require additional support, be it for a specific area or subject, or for those students who require a specific or adapted curriculum.

We strive to keep the class size small especially in our Primary classes were the focus is on teaching core subjects, developing appropriate social skills and promoting independence through a range of activities.

Our Secondary classes are slightly larger in student numbers, though they remain small. Secondary classes continue to promote independent learning skills through the accredited ASDAN program as well as following--or using--the UK National Curriculum where appropriate. We try to ensure that all learners leave with a basic understanding of key skills especially in Maths and English.

We look to integrate students into classes with their peers at MISY, where possible and appropriate, whilst constantly ensuring the needs of the learners are met and they are working as independently as possible.

The Learning Centre is about ensuring the needs of the student can be met in the best appropriate environment, with an appropriate amount of support.

Please if you have any questions about The Learning Centre please contact MISY and arrange to come in and see what we do, our door is always open.