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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Meet the Head of School


A very warm welcome to you all. It is my honour and great pleasure to be serving as the Head of School for our brand new MISY campus here in Mandalay and to be a part of your culture which is steeped in rich traditions.

I firmly believe in building strong relationships with all of our school partners and genuinely believe that together, we will take our school to being the best within Myanmar. My priority is to ensure that students, staff and parents are proud to belong to our school and that they will take enormous pride in their achievements and the contributions that they will make towards their community.

All of our staff, teachers, teaching assistants and administration are focused on providing a quality learning experience for all of students through the various curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Our focus as educators is to ensure the very best of learning opportunities by developing essential skills and behaviours in a safe and supportive environment. Our teachers provide relevant, engaging content while building strong relationships with all students and families.

Our school will be a positive, rich and innovative learning environment where every student can achieve excellence in all that they do, both in the classroom and beyond it. We are preparing life-long learners who will help to create the future of Myanmar and I know that as a school, we have all of the necessary tools that will shape our students into tomorrow’s leaders.

Strong relationships with our parents are essential and I call upon parents to engage with us as a school since together, we will help to prepare our students into becoming the leaders and future of Myanmar.

My doors are open to you all, at any time, and I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Steven Middleton

Head of School

Myanmar International School Yangon (Mandalay Campus)