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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Key Stage 5 A-Levels


Key stage 5 (often known as the Sixth Form) is the summit of the school. The courses are divided into two parts: A/S level (year 12) and A2 level (year 13).

In year 12, most students study four subjects; in year 13 three.

These advanced level courses are academic and challenging: they are accepted by universities in almost every country in the world. In the UK, for example, a minimum of three full ‘A’ levels is required. In the United States most universities will grant up to a year’s remission to a student with three good ‘A’ level passes. In Canada and Australia, it is possible to enter several universities with A/S level passes. The Japanese normally require full ‘A’ levels. As time goes by, most countries will require full ‘A’ levels for university admission.

FOUNDATION COURSES: not university at all. Some universities offer these to students who have no other acceptable qualifications. Students with A/S or ‘A’ levels will not need to do a foundation course anywhere.