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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon


MISY's holistic model of education ensures that learning goes well beyond the knowledge and skills taught within the confines of the school's classrooms and laboratories and stipulated by the English National Curriculum. The school's mission is to ensure that each student leaves MISY with the ...dispositions to reach their individual potential to make positive contributions to Myanmar and the wider world.  At MISY, students are expected to make positive contributions not just later in life--but now.

MISY's House System allows individual acts of service and valour to be recognised and appreciated. It also provides a venue for multi-aged interaction and co-curricular or athletic competition within the confines of MISY.

MISY Phoenix Athletics teams compete with other schools both in Yangon and regionally.

Student Leadership opportunities include Student Council governance and community service.

Exploratory Weeks--such as Art Week, Science Week, Leadership Week, and Week Without Walls--allow students to directly apply their knowledge and skills to a real-life context.

MISY's Advisory System ensures that each student at MISY has a class or homeroom teacher who begins each day by checking in with students, ensuring a strong link between home and school.