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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Community Service

Students from all over the world are actively engaged in activities that serve their local or global communities through  CAS programmes. 

The aim of CAS is to provide opportunities for students to develop skills and experiences which will enhance their academic studies and promote responsible citizenship.

They are encouraged to:

  • Undertake new challenges
  • Plan and initiate activities
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Show perseverance and commitment
  • Engage with issues of global importance
  • Consider ethical implications
  • Develop new skills.

At MISY, as part of the regular curriculum, Year 12 students are involved in a range of projects which they lead and participate in. So far this year students have successfully undertaken activities which have benefited the school and the local community. This has included organising a funfair for younger students, supporting a local orphanage and working alongside primary teachers to deliver lessons to Year 3 children.

As students look to the future, we believe that the CAS programme will provide valuable additional evidence and experience for university applications and will ensure that they leave MIY with skills which will support their development as global citizens.

-Lynda Howe, Deputy Head of Secondary