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MISY Myanmar International School Yangon

Apply Now

Interested applicants should download the "Student Enrollment Form" linked below. All admissions queries by email should be sent to

MISY is an inclusive school that values diversity and service. Our alumni have gone on to attend some of the finest Universities in the world. We keep class sizes small, and please understand that each year MISY receives more applications than we have positions. Admission to MISY occurs on a rolling basis, so apply today!

If you need any further information regarding admissions, please contact our school office by telephone on +95 (1) 657885~7. We look forward to welcoming you into the MISY community.

Step by Step Admissions Process

  1. Parents/Guardians submit the following documents to the school:
    1. New Student Enrollment Form (see below)
    2. Full academic reports from all current or previous school(s) from at least the past two years
    3. Relevant medical information
  2. The admissions officer will then respond by email or by phone, to confirm that the documents have been received and to schedule an admissions test (see #3) or Skype interview (see #4).
  3. If in Yangon, the student sits the admissions test. At this time, the school schedules an appointment to relate results of the test, schedules a full WIDA test if deemed necessary, and schedules an appointment for an admissions interview with the Principal.
  4. If not in Yangon, the student’s previous academic reports and--in some instances--a Skype interview with the Principal or Director will stand instead of the MISY Admissions Test.
  5. If an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) or adapted curriculum is deemed necessary, then an ad hoc committee including all relevant staff is formed to review the admissions case.
  6. The admissions committee, led by the relevant Principal, reviews all documents and makes the admissions decision.
  7. School notifies applicant of admissions decision.

Admissions decisions may fall under the following categories:

A. Admittance into MISY

B. Admittance with Conditions

C. Wait Pool

D. Not Eligible